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  • Complete Medical Assessment
  • Behavioral
  • Spay
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  • De-clawing
  • Orthopedic Surgery
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  • Laser Surgery Available
  • Fully Equipped Pharmacy
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  • Microchipping


"Dr. Woodby is the BEST! I would travel far and wide to come here, and do now that I've moved. Aside from him being a great guy, you can tell he truly loves animals. "
by - Rebecca C.

"This is the most loving vet in Miami! He really cares about your pets and is understanding to the needs of all his patients. We used him until we moved out of Miami! Never seen anyone as good! Thanks Dr. Woodby"
by - Debbie T.

"Dr. Woodby has been my veterinarian for 6 years. Him and his staff have always been caring, professional, courteous and honest. You can't ask for anything else."by - Ed P.

"Best vet with whom my wife and I have ever dealt with!!! Possibly one of the most caring and compassionate professionals out there!"by - David M.