Pet Microchip Application

Pet owners looking to give their furry friends an extra layer of protection and safety can request microchips here.

Microchip Application

Microchipping is an important piece of responsible pet ownership and registration with Calusa Crossing Animal Hospital. Microchip applications are safe and easy to register, as the chip contains a unique identification number that links to contact information. When registering a pet, an owner will provide basic information such as their name, address, and phone number; the type of animal; and any details about the animal you think may be useful in the event of it getting lost, such as its size or breed. Once all the required fields are filled out on a pet microchip application form and submitted, our hospital will install the chip in your pet during its next appointment.

Pet owners can then rest assured that should their companion ever become lost or missing, it has a much higher chance of being reunited with its family due to being microchipped. Given how easy and effective it is, we highly recommend all our clients take advantage of a microchip application here at Calusa Crossing Animal Hospital!