Pet Memorial

In honor of those we have loved and will never forget. On behalf of the staff at Calusa Crossing Animal Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend below.

Remembering all of our beloved pets.


You were the little ugly duckling of the litter but grew to be the cutest, sweetest, and spunkiest Yorkie I could ever ask for. You were by my side through so many life events. You were with me when I first moved out on my own and slept with me in bed every night. You were there when my dad and grandma passed away. You were there when your daddy and I moved in together, and you loved his girls, especially Sofia. She was your “second mommy”. You were there when we got married. You were there to keep daddy company when he got sick. He loved walking in thru the garage door to find you there waiting for him every single day to get your daily rubs and kisses before getting your papa. 15 years is a long time, but not enough.

I’ll never forget the way you’d run back and forth from your bowl while you were eating, the way you’d “protect” me anytime anyone would get near me (but only while we were on the couch or in bed), the way you’d hop like a little bunny when you’d get excited, play with your daddy, and yell at me when I’d take too long to serve your food. I’ll never forget your little jogs around the kitchen island, the way you’d play with your little blue bone every night before bed, complain at 8:00 am every morning so I’d let you out of your cage, etc, etc, etc.

You didn’t like other dogs and thought you were human. You loved to sniff around the backyard, chase lizards, and sunbathe. You liked sniffing Sunshine, till the day he scratched you, then you’d avoid him like the plague. You loved car rides, especially with your daddy because he always had a big car and he’d let you sit on the center console so you can look out the window. You were so curious and never afraid when we’d put you on top of a table or any place that was up high.

You were loved by everyone who knew you. I was everything to you, as you were to me. It’s so hard to accept that you’re now only a memory. My heart aches so much, I don’t know how I’m going to get thru life without you. You were my baby. My sweet little baby puppy dog, my little Munster, daddy’s Juju, and our little Fungi Dungi.

Daddy and I will miss you for the rest of our lives and we will never forget you.

Angel “Cocho” Alfonso

We met on the side of the road. I saw you running down the street; you looked majestic like a reindeer. You were 2 years old. Shortly after, I got very sick, and you stayed by my side. After 3 years, I had not yet recovered, and when you turned 5, you started your Service Dog Training, and when that was completed, you never left my side. You loved cats, and a horse was your best friend; you love to go to Marlins Stadium and watch the game, you hated the beach, but you tolerated it. We walked together for another six years; then, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. A piece of me crossed the bridge with you that day, and I will get it back when we are reunited.

Chica & Rocky

You two have watched me grow up as I watched you grow old.
Just 10 days apart, I had to let you go.

But I know it was right, though I miss you both so

I know you two are still with us, giving your love through your soul.

You two were inseparable, in life as in death.

I am just happy to know you two are together in rest.

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