Pet Behavior Consultations

Behavior Consultations at Calusa Crossing Animal Hospital are designed to provide individual pet owners with the tools they need to better understand their pets’ behavior.

Behavior Consultations

During the consultation, our experienced team of veterinarians and certified Pet Behavior Specialists will evaluate your pet’s overall health, take into account their age and lifestyle, discuss any recent or past behavioral issues, and help create a personalized plan for addressing them. Vets may ask questions about objects that could be provoking your pet or activities that appear to trigger negative reactions in order for them to better understand what might be causing the behavior. From there, Pet Behavior Specialists work with pet owners to discuss proper introductions of new animals and design positive reinforcement training plans tailored towards a specific breed or breed mix of animals.

Behavior consultations help create stronger bonds between humans and their pets by understanding the underlying causes of unwanted behaviors. By listening carefully to the parent while taking detailed notes on observations during the course of interaction with and recording information about diet, potential sources of stress, sleeping habits, and socialization experiences, behavior consultations will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation so we can craft an appropriate course of action to achieve desired results in pet welfare. Behavior consultations are vital in providing an enhanced understanding and more harmonious relationship between human companions and beloved pets.